We are proud to present some of the world's best Crossminton / Speed Badminton players as members of the Team Speedminton®:

Jasmina Keber

Date of birth: 26.11.1988

Place of residence: Radece

Nationality: Slovenian


Achievements: World Champion 2013, European Champion 2012, Runner up World Championships 2011 and Winner of several international tournaments.

Per Hjalmarson

Date of birth: 25.10.1982

Place of residence: Göteborg

Nationality: Swedish

Racket: BLADE

Achievements: Multiple World and European Champion (2011 - 2013), Winner of several international tournaments.

Patrick Schüsseler

Date of birth: 08.11.1977

Place of residence: Cologne

Nationality: German

Racket: BLADE

Achievements: World Champion 2013, Vice German Champion 2012, Winner of several international tournaments.

Agnes Darnyik

Date of birth: 01.12.1985

Place of residence: Budapest

Nationality: Hungary


Achievements: World Champion 2013 European Champion 2012 and winner of several international tournaments.

Marta Soltys

Date of birth: 25.02.1986

Place of residence: Warsaw

Nationality: Poland

Racket: VIPER

Achievements: World Champion in Doubles 2015, Silver Medal in doubles at European Championships 2014, Winner of Polish Open 2015 & 2013, Vice-World Champion 2013

Melker Ekberg

Date of birth: 1980

Place of residence: Gotheburg

Nationality: Sweden

Racket: BLADE

Achievements: Winner Czech Speedminton® Open 2013, Speedminton® Polish Open 2013 & Hungarian Speedminton® Open 2013.

Bence Palinkas

Date of birth: 1996

Place of residence: Tolna

Nationality: Hungary

Racket: VIPER

Achievements: U18 World Champion 2013 and U18 European Champion 2014